An introduction to story background

This story didn’t just happen. Because I’m a ballroom dancer and have been dancing since I was 22, I have spent probably thousands of hours in dances, lessons, or working on my own choreography. Not every dance class inspired me, of course, to write this book, but there were innumerable amount of times that did inspire me.

I don’t just “write” books. They take years for me to write and because of that, they are so important to me. They’re a huge part of my life and who I am, like a history. I put everything I am into these stories and do extensive background research and backstory before and during writing these characters. There’s much going on behind the story that doesn’t end up in the finished product. That’s what the blog is for… sometimes not everything should be shared, but if it interests even one person and makes even one person want to learn the craft of establishing character development and writing character shifts, then all the work is worth it to me! 🙂

Every novel I’ve worked on so far has a youtube playlist of songs that greatly inspired the work, so much that I am convinced the novel wouldn’t have been written the same way at all, if that song didn’t inspire a scene or an action. This information/background will also be in the blog.

Stay tuned!


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